HI. I’M Pierre.
And this is one of those “ABOUT” Pages.

Want to know about me? Well, I’m a creative consultant who started as a graphic designer. I’m from Halifax, and, if you’re new to the place; sorry that it’s so foggy out. (Just a guess)

You guys, I believe that we’re all friends. We’re all on the same side here—I mean, if you’re anything like me, you just want to use your superpowers to make tomorrow a little better than yesterday. And my superpowers? Creativity, communication, and a helluva work ethic. You and me, let’s team up and do something awesome together.

This part of the world (and this time in history) deserves better marketing. If you ask me, I see endless opportunities to get peoples’ attention in new ways, and to fulfill business strategies too. They’re not mutually exclusive.

What more can I tell you on an “About” page? Well, I’m an idea man at heart with hands that love to make things. If you need a designer, art director, marketing consultant or illustrator, I’m pretty much your guy.

I also bake really good cookies. Try me.