Hawkins Cheezies


Sometimes you advertise to attract a new market, sometimes you’re so happy with the state of your 75-years-strong Canadian company that you advertise just to stay good friends with your loyal customers. (only, y’know, without it fEeLiNg like advertising)

This campaign for the majestic Hawkins Cheezies admits a simple truth: that if you know us, you love us; and if you don’t love us, it’s because you don’t know us. Billboards, Shelf Talkers, Shirts & Sweaters & Hats, Enamel Pins, Carousels, POS Signage, Posters, Hoarding Boards, a custom-built Landing Page, and Videos are all designed to give a friendly wink to those that know & love—and cause those that don’t to wonder what they’re missing.