This is Annapolis Valley


In Annapolis Valley, we believe that beautiful things deserve to be shared. (And Pierre Tabbiner believes that sometimes beautiful things tend to sell themselves). Due to 2020’s Atlantic Bubble, there was to be no out-of-region travel this year. But restrictions can be opportunities. This particular hindrance meant that, when you think about it, we’re only talking to people who already KNOW about the Annapolis Valley. So let’s go from there. This online campaign, with a heavy presence on social media, was targeted exclusively at communities that could make the trip to the Valley without having to quarantine. The content? Our stunning visual assets, and the simple message of “This is Annapolis Valley”. Tempting appetites with food & drink, widening eyes with amazing panoramas, and revving engines with outdoor adventure. We didn’t need to say who we were; we just had to show it again.