Measha is kiiiiiiind of a superstar. Grammy-nominated artist and Governor General’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, this Nova Scotian has always made waves in Canada’s music scene. Her style effortlessly spans multiple genres and musical styles, and she’s an absolute joy to share a conversation with.

In 2024, I was fortunate enough to design the album cover & digital booklet for her upcoming digital release of Laureate. As such, I’ve listened to her operatic jazz tunes several times. I offered her: if she’d ever be interested in producing a vinyl release, I’d sure love to have a copy. Measha responded with an emphatic YES and we dove headfirst into the infinite possibilities of record design.

What you’re looking at, above, is a stunning custom-built gate-fold jacket, complete with 8-page full-colour booklet insert and 2-disc/4-side custom picture disc assembly, complete with labels and shrink-wrapped all into one glorious package. We did amazing things with this release – I love listening to it while I work! – and Measha’s facing the future with as much vibrancy and optimism as always. What a ride!